One-Stop Shopping for Laser Services in Ireland and America

Contact Ash McFadden

In Ireland

Laser Shop: 074 938 1888

From UK or EU, dial 00353 74 938 1888

N.B: Due to a cockup at "Eir", my Donegal Landline is temporarily out of service.

From America

(303) 444-6874


Our Colorado laser operator is able to keep up with cutting work or field phone calls, not both.

Email or ring Ash.

The (303) number will ring through to Ireland at no charge other than your normal call rate to any (303) number. Mind the time difference between Ireland and wherever you are. Example: Opening time in California is closing time in Ireland. Chances are, you may talk to a machine. Tell the nice machine where you are (what time zone) and a good time to reach you at the number you leave. We don't mind returning calls outside our normal business hours, we just might not be there to pick up when you ring.