Fins 'n Stuff

(Custom-Cut Rocket Parts)



Here's how this works. You draw a fin, using black ink (not pencil) on white paper. Draw it big so it fills most of the sheet. Scan it.

Email the image to:

Along with the image, tell me the material and thickness you want and include the length of the fin root (the part you glue to the body tube).


Just send me your drawing and I'll email back a quote.

Before I cut anything, I will always email you with the total cost, including shipping. If the cost sounds OK, email me your telephone number, your time zone and a good time to ring you. I have a Vonage line and can call anywhere on earth for free. I'll ring you, get your credit card info and charge your card for the fins and postage while you're on the phone. That way, I never even have to write down your card number and, my processor, hides the details from everyone, including me.

I will then convert your image to vectors the laser can use, scale it to the size you give me for the root and cut it out.

It's not expensive. For instance, I could cut a set of four fins like the one below with a 4-inch root edge in 3mm (1/8") balsa for my minimum charge of $5 plus shipping.

Here's a visual primer on the kind of artwork I need:

YES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NO

What I need is the outline of the fin, nothing more. I can convert that image to vectors for the laser system to cut. If I were to convert the image on the right, the laser would cut every single black line, letter and shape completely through the piece of wood, rendering a nice jigsaw puzzle, but not a usable fin.

Rocket Stands

"Model Rocket Sizes" (up to about 2½ inch diameter body tubes): $6.00 in 3mm acrylic, $8.00 in 3mm birch plywood + shipping.

Second, third, etc. (duplicate) stands in same order: $4.00 in acrylic, $6.00 in plywood.

Specify body tube size. These come unassembled for flatness in the post. Larger sizes by quotation.

Centering Rings, Motor Mounts, Bulkheads

2mm birch aircraft plywood

Here, you see a set of motor mount rings to adapt a BT50-sized motor to a BT60 fuselage. The indent in one mount is so the motor clip can spring back to insert the motor. The red lines represent cut lines, the black text.

Tell me what sizes you need. Chances are, I already have the file ready to cut.

Price: $1.00 each, 6 or more: $0.90 each, 12 or more: $0.80 each ($5.00 minimum order)

Below, you see a project where I glued two sheets of 3mm birch ply to make 6mm fins for a big, subsonic rocket.

Below, you can see a laser cutting cherry hardwood, performing non-contact marking on a black-anodized control panel and cutting letters out of balsa. Got an idea for a laser-cut item? Check out the rest of this website, then drop me a line!

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